The corny opportunity of NYE.

Ah New Years Eve. The one day of the year I can fully embrace my inner cringe without shame or shyness. I love it, I love it so much. Yeah, its cheesy, like really really cheesy, but oh my God is it exciting.

I'm not quite sure why, but time has always been something of great importance to me. Each period passing marking a possible turning point, a chance to compartmentalise the past and look towards the future. I often feel this way about months, even weeks, but a new year? That's an immense amount to process. It is the only evening I can look back upon 365 whole days; days, this year, of immense pain; days, also, of complete and utter beauty. The only evening I can look upon it all and just say fuck it, fuck it its over now and I can keep what I want and let the rest go. What an opportunity. What a chance to leave whatever you want behind and start afresh, with the entire concept of time spurring you on.

Yes, it is, in literal terms, just the passing of another day. But why not give it a little emphasis? Why not get a little too tipsy with your favourite people and at least try to feel it? What harm could it do? You have nothing to lose.

There's a blank slate right there waiting for you, if only you choose to take it.

Anna C.