I recently came to the realisation that emotion is on an incomprehensible scale. No matter how hard we try, or how much we think we know, we will never be able to truly understand how someone is feeling. It is impossible to capture quite how bad or good, how deep or vast one's emotions are. Someone else's tear might carry the weight of a thousand of another's. There is no standard scale with which we can measure emotion, no unit or means of quantifying it.

This realisation stirred up concern within me; how can we begin to comfort each other when we cannot know what it is that really needs to be comforted, what it really takes to make it better? You can heal a wound, its specific and has instructions, but there are no universal steps to healing a heart. As a person who seeks to find a practical solution to problems, with a heavy heart I discerned: in matters of emotion, there sometimes isn't one.

So what can we do? In a place where something as complex and subjective as emotions control us all, how can we begin to help? I think the answer lies in just trying. Not everything you will do and say will work, will solve or even begin to help conquer the challenge of emotion in someone else's world, but... some of it might. You do have something to offer, even if you can't always calculate it immediately, or quite put your finger on it, sometimes the fact you've even made the effort will be of comfort. Be there, keep trying, keep learning. Soon others will recognise that you are the kind of person that is there, that they can turn to when they need. 

Perhaps it isn't up to us to fully understand or comprehend others emotions. Perhaps it is instead our job to just be there, so that when someone is hit with a feeling, though they are the only one who it consumes, they certainly wont be alone in dealing with it.

Anna C.